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Rules and Regulations

Menands Farmers Market at the Capital District Regional Market Rules and Regulations

1.  Products Allowed for Sale:  Products MUST be 90% vendor grown, raised, crafted, or produced OR be the product of a member of the Capital District Regional Market. 10% product made locally will be allowed at the discretion of The Board of Directors approval.

  • Fruits and Vegetables (fresh or dried)

  • Meat and poultry products

  • Milk, cheese, and other dairy products

  • Eggs

  • Cider and juices

  • Teas, herbs, spices, vinegars

  • Alcohol including wine, beer, hard cider, and spirits

  • Honey and bee products

  • Maple Syrup and maple products

  • Jams and preserves

  • Baked Goods

  • Grain products

  • Ready to eat prepared foods

  • Animal products like wool, yarn, fleece, etc.

  • Plants, flowers, cut flowers, herbs

  • Handcrafted items (arts/crafts) 

 *Any other request not listed will be considered by the board.

2. Rules:

  • All Vendors must apply annually and be approved by the Market Manager and/or the Market Board.

  • The market manager and the market board reserve the right to cancel any and all privileges of any vendor that has violated the Rules and Regulations of the Menands Farmers Market.  Penalties for not following these rules are at the discretion of the board.

  • Vendors must comply with the appropriate state and local regulations and laws and display valid licenses and certificates in their stall. 

      *Those selling taxable items must have a valid NYS Certificate           of Authority displayed. 

        *Those selling plants, flowers, and other nursery/greenhouse             crops must have a valid NYS Nursery License displayed.                     *Those selling meats, baked goods, prepared foods, etc.                     must  comply with the NYS Ag & Markets and the                                Department of Health requirements.

        *Those selling by weight and using scales must have them               approved by the NYS County Office of Weights and                             Measures.

         *Those selling by measure must use standard size                                 containers.

  • Vendors must have a legible sign with their business name and address of their farm or business,

  • Vendors are required to stay at the market for the entire market from 9 am until 1 pm.  Vendors are not to leave early before market closing.

  • Vendors are responsible for bringing all equipment and supplies for their stall and they must operate in a safe and sanitary manner.  The market is NOT responsible for any items in the vendor's stall.  

  • Vendors may provide samples as long as they are complying with the NYS Department of Health requirements.  If there is waste from these samples, vendors must provide garbage cans and remove any garbage from their stall at the end of the market day.

  •   Vendors must carry $1 million of liability insurance and provide a copy of the certificate of insurance with the application listing the Menands Farmers Market at the Capital District Regional Market as additional insured.

  • If you are a DAILY vendor, we need notice 4 days prior to when you will be attending market.

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